Carry-in warranty

All items (including products) sold under warranty are under carry-in-warranty only unless otherwise specified expressly.

Purchase details
Purchase details should accompany the materials being sent for repair/replacement. Serial numbers as per stickers affixed on items are mentioned on the invoices/challans of 'dealer'. Alternatively, if our stickers are not affixed, manufacturers/our barcode serial number details are scanned and mentioned on the invoices/challans. All customers are required to send the material to 'Dealer' with proper purchase details. In the absence of above information, material may not be accepted.

Repair / Replacement Period
1. All warranty items received would normally be repaired and / or replaced within a period of 15 working days from the date of receipt of material at the repair center (subject to items excluded from this clause as separately mentioned in this document), provided all items are received as per RMA procedure with full details. However, such period may extend up to 20 days.

2. In case any repair/replacement is not completed within the above-stipulated period of 20 days; 'Dealer' will issue suitable credit note. The value of credit would be based on present market value, at the date of expiry of 20th day (and not the original cost), of the product, and after deducting there from proportionate value for the period of warranty expired and other such considerations. The decision of 'Dealer' for such valuation would be final and binding.

It may be noted that credit note would be issued only after receipt of balance material related with the products (like accessories) if already not received at our end and required documents including our original RMA receipt. In case of non-receipt of accessories/manuals, credit note would be issued after deducting the amount towards the same. Separate RMA Forms Not Acceptable.

It is important to note:
1. All items should be sent under separate challans for:
A) Items under warranty
B) DOA material

This is a must and hence should be observed by each customer.

2. Following items would not be accepted at our end:
A) Items/components physically damaged
B) Items/components, which have been tampered with
C) Items/components with missing and/or tampered markings/warranty stickers
D) Incomplete information of purchase
E) Specific problems not reported against the product

Apart from the aforementioned generalized cases following specific cases would also not be accepted at our end:

A) Burnt ICs
B) Track opened due to any reason
C) AGP / PCI / PCI EXPRESS slot damaged
D) VGA / DVI / DP / HDMI & other connectors (port) damaged

DOA Material
1. Items would be considered as DOA if received back at our repair center within a period of three days from the date of dispatch along with the required accessories/manuals
2. Items received on DOA would be given back within a period of 7 days from our end. In case the same is not replaced within a period of 7 days, 'Dealer' will issue suitable credit note as per the invoiced price. In case of non-receipt of accessories/manuals credit note may be issued only after deducting the amount towards the same.


Please note the following items are not covered under warranty, unless specified otherwise:

  • Cables, accessories
  • Batteries
  • Software CD
  • Connectors
  • Adaptors
  • GPU Fans

However, these items may be procured from our end at a charge, if available. Game support will be provided only on original licenses.

In case of Outdated/obsolete/discontinued items received back for repair/replacement if any item is received back which is not repairable and is outdated and/or obsolete:

1. The customer would be informed about the same
2. An option to buy an item nearest to the specification would be given against payment of differential price. Our decision on differential price to be paid would be final and binding on the customer.
3. If a customer is unwilling to pay the difference as above, the material/item would be returned in 'as is where is' condition.

Change without prior notice
These guidelines and procedures are subject to change without prior notice.

For any more details regarding warranty, please contact:

RMA: 022 2382 3331/2, Ext: 23
E-mail: support@technologyandgadgets.com

3 Years Warranty On All GALAX Products By KAIZEN