TAG Cooling Pad - 6000

TAG Cooling Pad - 6000
TAG Cooling Pad - 6000 TAG Cooling Pad - 6000 TAG Cooling Pad - 6000 TAG Cooling Pad - 6000

Product Series: TAG Cooling Pad - 6000


• Adjustable Height
• 70x70mm 6 Fans
• Fan Control
• USB Interface
• Digital Display
• Total Iron Network Design, can reduce the windage resistance and accelerate the wind flow, and improve the heat dissipation performance.
• Two, Four, Six Silent Fans to bring you a quiet and comfortable environment
• The five section height adjustment provide the best notebook operating angle
• The anti-skid design ensure that the notebook is safe to use
• A new block design concept and control enable a wind force let the cooling effect in arbitrary basis more perfect
• Once again grab bottleneck letter of notebook computer using six overall heat dissipation fan, gear button control respectively Two, Four, Six different cooling fans.
• For 17 inches.


Material : Network Rail, Engineering Plastic
Size : 360L x 360W x 33~60H (mm)
Fan Size                : 70 x 70mm (6 fans)
Fan Speed : 1200 + 10% RPM
Noise : 21 dBA
Voltage : USB 5 VDC
Power Access : USB 2.0 / 1.1 x 1 (power supply to interface)
Current : 0.22A
Weight : 1053g


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