TAG Spike Guard Premium 4S

TAG Spike Guard Premium 4S
TAG Spike Guard Premium 4S TAG Spike Guard Premium 4S TAG Spike Guard Premium 4S
Product Series: TAG Spike Guard Premium 4S
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• Individual Switches ON/OFF

• Light Indicator

• Pure Copper

• Ideal for Home & Office use

• Electronic Equipment

• Nickel-Plated phosphorus bronze insert set 50000 times not loose elastic strong

High quality copper double copper connection type structural design, 0.3mm thick above the surface

Of fine nickel plated, anti-rust, hair less heat conductive good, strong elasticity long life plug 50000 is not loose.

• High quality super thick copper wire

Use high-quality three-core copper wire conductive good time at full capacity use is not hot, use more

Assured peace of mind.

• High Performance engineering plastics

Quality selection, selection of high performance engineering plastics, high temperature, anti-ageing, shock, current

Carrying parts in case of 750°C high temperature without burning, Eliminate fire hazard due to short circuit, heat

Sparks and other conditions caused.

• European standard double round plug

By the national 3C certification, plug one injection molding. After bending experiment 10,000 times stronger torsion

Deformation, Ensure 2500W rated power electrical normal use.

• Electric shock protection cover

Prevent child finger or metallic conductive material into the power jack to avoid electric shock.

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